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3D Animated series coming soon! Completely built and developed on the blockchain with NFT digital collectibles for fans to trade. First AR capable NFT collection on (at least that we know of). GET YOURS TODAY





Let us introduce you to M.O.R.B.S.

M.O.R.B.S. (Mutant Organic Robots Buying S#!%)  is the first AR capable project on the WAX blockchain and Atomichub, at least that we know of. We are a whitelisted project and are also listed on the Tokenhead app.

M.O.R.B.S. is a 3D animated series being built on the blockchain. The entire M.O.R.B.S.  project is based on the development of an animated series from concept to final animation – creating NFTs throughout the process (think of getting the first character sheets from the Simpsons creator before it became “The Simpsons” on TV to be able to literally have a piece of the project’s history from inception through character development, storyboarding, etc. )

M.O.R.B.S. is the story of a group of blockchain gremlins that are half crypto-alien, half-robot with styles all their own, and powers to match. They battle each other for the secrets of crypto left behind from the facility that created the M.O.R.B.S. The current trading card series reflects the origin story of the M.O.R.B.S., and has been consistently selling out every drop!

The 3D series will be a humor-based show that introduces these characters into the world of reality TV. They are cast in a TV show that pits NFT creators against each other, similar to in an apprentice-like competition. The comedy will be similar to Adult Swim meets Pixar.

Our last three AR Action Card drops sold out within 30 mins. We have collaborated with Crypostache, Senor Lupe, Happy NFTS, CryptoSwatches, and Krypto Galaxy. Many more are planned in the coming months.

We release a new main drop every Friday at noon PST; Incorporating midweek surprise drops that all come with raffles and chances to win actual merchandise.

Our merchandise will begin selling in May 2021. All products come with a free AR-enabled NFT that is attached to the purchased merchandise.

We have a strong social following building every day (1k organic followers in 4 weeks and counting). Our Telegram and Discord channels are gaining speed and we hope to really push the marketing this summer when the animations start to be uploaded.

Hope you get a chance to check out our project and play around with the augmented reality assets to really understand why we believe this project is part of the future of the NFT space.

Thanks for your time,
BC Caldwell
Aka NiftyBC

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INTERVIEW with M.O.R.B.S. Creator Nifty BC by Crackers

So saw this  artist on twitter and liked his artwork so I reached out to see if he would chat to me and he happily did check out his video first before you read and get an insight in to his project . With a nice competition at the bottom…..



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